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The Fur Country (Extraordinary Voyages, #10) pdf books
Title:The Fur Country (Extraordinary Voyages, #10)
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:368

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Writing in France in the nineteenth century Jules Verne captured his era s fascination with adventure and exploration in a series of novels he referred to as his Voyages extraordinaries This book collects six of Verne s best known novels that extrapolate developing technology and scientific inquisitiveness into rousing adventures br br Five weeks in a balloon br Journey to the center of the earth br From the earth to the moon br Round the moon br Twenty thousand leagues under the sea br Around the world in eighty days

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Lt Jasper Hobson and other members of the Hudson s Bay Trading Co and his team along with the company s guests Mrs Paulina Barnett and Thomas Black travel through the North West Territories of Canada to Cape Bathurst on the Arctic Ocean At Cape Bathurst Hobson intends on creating a new trading post for the company Paulina Barnett is along for the adventure and Thomas Black intends on viewing a solar eclipse during the summer of the following year The party establishes their outpost before winter sets in but when spring arrives nearby volcanic activity triggers an earthquake which the colony survives however a startling revelation is revealed later in the summer when Thomas Black tries to observe the total eclipse Cape Bathurst has changed its position to the north by almost three degrees of latitude and to the west by several hundred miles Hobson determines that the Cape has become an island Now the party s only hope is the onset of winter so they might travel across the ice to reach the mainland Russian America Alaska When a mild by Arctic standards winter sets in and the island is locked by the ice directly north of the Bering Strait but the ice is not sufficiently frozen enough for safe passage across the ice The islands colonists wait for the spring thaw and hope that island will move south with the Bering current and that the boat they ve built will be able to take them to safety The Fur Country (Extraordinary Voyages, #10) books by Jules Verne

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