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Columbus: The Four Voyages pdf books
Title:Columbus: The Four Voyages
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:423

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Jazz Styles: History and Analysis

Jazz Styles History and Analysis

For undergraduate courses in Jazz History Jazz Survey Evolution of Jazz Introduction to Jazz and Jazz Appreciation America s most widely used introduction to jazz it teaches the chronology of jazz by showing students how to listen and what to notice in each style Though originally conceived for nonmusicians and written at a college freshmen reading level Jazz Styles also has been widely adopted in courses for musicians because of its point by point specification of each style s musical characteristics and its technical appendix

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  • Holy War: How Vasco da Gama's Epic Voyages Turned the Tide in a Centuries-Old Clash of Civilizations
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  • The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake: 1577-1580
  • Brutal Journey: The Epic Story of the First Crossing of North America
  • The Fourth Part of the World: The Race to the Ends of the Earth, and the Epic Story of the Map That Gave America Its Name
  • Adventures of a Sea Hunter: In Search of Famous Shipwrecks
  • Empires of the Atlantic World: Britain and Spain in America 1492-1830
  • 1492: The Year the World Began
  • The White Rock
  • Love and Hate in Jamestown: John Smith, Pocahontas, and the Start of a New Nation
  • City of Fortune: How Venice Won and Lost a Naval Empire
  • Empire: How Spain Became a World Power, 1492-1763
  • The Longest Night: The Bombing of London on May 10, 1941
  • The Age of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the New American Dream

Over the Edge of the World: Magellan's Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe

Over the Edge of the World Magellan s Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe

Ferdinand Magellan s daring circumnavigation of the globe in the sixteenth century was a three year odyssey filled with sex violence and amazing adventure Now in em Over the Edge of the World em prize winning biographer and journalist em Laurence Bergreen em entwines a variety of candid firsthand accounts bringing to life this groundbreaking and majestic tale of discovery that changed both the way explorers would henceforth navigate the oceans and history itself

Marco Polo: From Venice to Xanadu

Marco Polo From Venice to Xanadu

As the most celebrated European to explore Asia Marco Polo was the original global traveler and the earliest bridge between East and West A universal icon of adventure and discovery he has inspired six centuries of popular fascination and spurious mythology Now from the acclaimed author of Over the Edge of the World Magellan s Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe Superb A first rate historical page turner The New York Times comes the first fully authoritative biography of one of the most enchanting figures in world history In this masterly work Marco Polo s incredible odyssey along the Silk Road and through all the fantastic circumstances of his life is chronicled in sumptuous and illuminating detail br We meet him as a callow young man the scion of a wealthy Venetian merchant family only seventeen when he sets out in with his father and uncle on their journey to Asia We see him gain the confidence of Kublai Khan the world s most feared and powerful leader and watch him become a trusted diplomat and intelligence agent in the ruler s inner circle We are privy to his far flung adventures on behalf of the Khan living among the Mongols and other tribes and traveling to magical cities some far advanced over the West We learn the customs of the Khan s court both erotic and mercantile and Polo s uncanny ability to adapt to them We follow him on his journey back to Venice laden with riches the latest inventions and twenty four years worth of extraordinary tales br And we see his collaboration with the famed writer Rustichello of Pisa who immediately saw in Polo the story of a lifetime enlivened by his genius for observation Polo s tales needed little embellishment Recorded by Rustichello as the two languished as prisoners of war in a Genoese jail the Travels would explode the notion of non Europeans as untutored savages and stand as the definitive description of China until the nineteenth century br Drawing on original sources in more than half a dozen languages and on his own travels along Polo s route in China and Mongolia Bergreen explores the lingering controversies surrounding Polo s legend settling age old questions and testing others for significance Synthesizing history biography and travelogue this is the timely chronicle of a man who extended the boundaries of human knowledge and imagination Destined to be the definitive account of its subject for decades to come Marco Polo takes us on a journey to the limits of history and beyond

Capone: The Man and the Era

Capone The Man and the Era

In this brilliant history of Prohibition and its most notorious gangster acclaimed biographer Laurence Bergreen takes us to the gritty streets of Chicago where Al Capone forged his sinister empire br br Bergreen shows the seedy and glamorous sides of the age the rise of Prohibition the illicit liquor trade the battlefield that was Chicago Delving beyond the Capone mythology Bergreen finds a paradox a coldblooded killer thief pimp and racketeer who was also a devoted son and father a self styled Robin Hood who rose to the top of organized crime Capone is a masterful portrait of an extraordinary time and of the one man who reigned supreme over it all Al Capone

Louis Armstrong: An Extravagant Life

Louis Armstrong An Extravagant Life

Louis Armstrong was the founding father of jazz and one of this century s towering cultural figures The musical talents of Satchmo as Armstrong became universally known were prodigious and groundbreaking After learning to blow his horn in the bordellos and honky tonks of Storyville New Orleans s bustling red light district he honed his sound on a Mississippi riverboat and later became a featured solo trumpeter in the nightclub bands of Chicago and New York where his stunning musicianship gravelly voice and irrepressible personality captivated audiences and critics alike Countless recordings nonstop touring of America and Europe a radio show the first ever hosted by a black man and film appearances catapulted him to international stardom yet he always remained true to himself and loyal to his roots Despite his successes Armstrong s career was also marked by intense struggle against the Depression against the Chicago gangsters of the s and above all against racial prejudice

Casanova: The World of a Seductive Genius

Casanova The World of a Seductive Genius

The definitive biography of the impoverished child abandoned by his parents who became the famous writer notorious libertine and self invented genius whose name still resonates today Giacomo Casanova br br Today Casanova is a synonym for great lover yet the real story of this remarkable figure is little known Giacomo Casanova was raised by his maternal grandmother an illiterate peasant His birthplace Venice was a republic in decline reputedly the most debauched city in Europe Casanova would add to the republic s reputation Over the course of his lifetime he claimed to have seduced more than women among them married women young women in convents girls just barely in their teens and in one notorious instance his own illegitimate daughter br br Casanova came of age in a Venice filled with spies and informers Naturally brilliant he was intellectually curious and read forbidden books for which he was jailed He staged a dramatic escape from Venice s notorious prison the only person known to have done so He then fled to France where he invented the national lottery that still exists to this day But intemperate by nature he made enemies at the French court He crisscrossed Europe landing for a while in St Petersburg where he was admitted to the court of Catherine the Great He corresponded with Voltaire and met Mozart and Lorenzo da Ponte assisting them as they composed the timeless opera i Don Giovanni i And he wrote what many consider the greatest memoir of the era the volume i Story of My Life i br br A figure straight out of a Henry Fielding novel erotic brilliant impulsive and desperate for recognition Casanova was a self destructive genius This witty roisterous biography exposes his astonishing life in rich intimate detail At the same time it is a dazzling portrait of eighteenth century Europe from serving girls to kings and courtiers Esteemed biographer Laurence Bergreen brings a sensual world vividly alive in this irresistible book

As Thousands Cheer: The Life of Irving Berlin

As Thousands Cheer The Life of Irving Berlin

A look at the life and prolific career of one of America s most successful songwriters

Magellan: Over the Edge of the World

Magellan Over the Edge of the World

b A middle grade adaptation of Laurence Bergreen s adult bestseller about Magellan s historic voyage around the globe b br br On September a horribly battered ship manned by eighteen malnourished scurvy ridden sailors appeared on the horizon near a Spanish port They were survivors of the first European expedition to circle the globe Originally comprised of five ships and sailors the fleet s captain and most of its crew were dead How did Ferdinand Magellan s voyage to circle the world one of the largest and best equipped expeditions ever mounted turn into this ghost ship The answer is provided in this thoroughly researched tale of mutiny and murder spanning the entire globe marked equally by triumph and tragedy Thrilling grisly and completely true i Magellan i i Over the Edge of the World i tells a story that not only marks a turning point in history but also resonates powerfully with the present

Columbus: The Four Voyages - PDF | ePUB | PDB | Audio books | Kindle
b From the author of the Magellan biography i Over the Edge of the World i a mesmerizing new account of the great explorer b Christopher Columbus s voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in search of a trading route to China and his unexpected landfall in the Americas is a watershed event in world history Yet Columbus made three more voyages within the span of only a decade each designed to demonstrate that he could sail to China within a matter of weeks and convert those he found there to Christianity These later voyages were even more adventurous violent and ambiguous but they revealed Columbus s uncanny sense of the sea his mingled brilliance and delusion and his superb navigational skills In all these exploits he almost never lost a sailor By their conclusion however Columbus was broken in body and spirit If the first voyage illustrates the rewards of exploration the latter voyages illustrate the tragic costs political moral and economic br br In rich detail Laurence Bergreen re creates each of these adventures as well as the historical background of Columbus s celebrated controversial career Written from the participants vivid perspectives this breathtakingly dramatic account will be embraced by readers of Bergreen s previous biographies of Marco Polo and Magellan and by fans of Nathaniel Philbrick Simon Winchester and Tony Horwitz Columbus: The Four Voyages books by Laurence Bergreen

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