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The Theory of Moral Sentiments

The Theory of Moral Sentiments

The foundation for a general system of morals this work is a landmark in the history of moral and political thought Readers familiar with Adam Smith from i The Wealth of Nations i will find this earlier book a revelation Although the author is often misrepresented as a calculating rationalist who advises the pursuit of self interest in the marketplace regardless of the human cost he was also interested in the human capacity for benevolence as i The Theory of Moral Sentiments i amply demonstrates br The greatest prudence Smith suggests may lie in following economic self interest in order to secure the basic necessities This is only the first step however toward the much higher goal of achieving a morally virtuous life Smith elaborates upon a theory of the imagination inspired by the philosophy of David Hume His reasoning takes Hume s logic a step further by proposing a more sophisticated notion of sympathy leading to a series of highly original theories involving conscience moral judgment and virtue br Smith s legacy consists of his reconstruction of the Enlightenment idea of a moral or social science that embraces both political economy and the theory of law and government His articulate expression of his philosophy continues to inspire and challenge modern readers

The Wealth of Nations, Books 1-3

The Wealth of Nations Books

Originally delivered in the form of lectures at Glasgow Adam Smith s The Wealth of Nations Books I III laid the foundations of economic theory in general and classical economics in particular and this Penguin Classics edition is edited with an introduction and notes by Andrew Skinner br br The publication of i The Wealth of Nations i in coincided with America s Declaration of Independence and with this landmark treatise on political economy Adam Smith paved the way for modern capitalism arguing that a truly free market fired by competition yet guided as if by an invisible hand to ensure justice and equality was the engine of a fair and productive society Books I III of i The Wealth of Nations i examine the division of labour as the key to economic growth by ensuring the interdependence of individuals within society They also cover the origins of money and the importance of wages profit rent and stocks but the real sophistication of his analysis derives from the fact that it encompasses a combination of ethics philosophy and history to create a vast panorama of society br br This edition contains an analytical introduction offering an in depth discussion of Smith as an economist and social scientist as well as a preface further reading and explanatory notes

The Essential Adam Smith

The Essential Adam Smith

The sheer strength of his great work em The Wealth of Nations em discourages many from attempting to explore its rich and lucid arguments In this brilliantly crafted volume one of the most eminent economists of our day provides a generous selection from the entire body of Smith s work ranging from his fascinating psychological observations on human nature to his famous treatise on what Smith called a society of natural liberty em The Wealth of Nations em br br Among the works represented in this volume in addition to em The Wealth of Nations em are em The History of Astronomy em em Lectures on Jurisprudence em em The Theory of Moral Sentiments em and Smith s correspondence with David Hume br br Before each of Smith s writings Robert Heilbroner presents a clear and lively discussion that will interest the scholar as much as it will clarify the work for the non specialist Adam Smith emerges from this collection of his writings as he does from his portrait in Professor Heilbroner s well known book as the first economist to deserve the title of worldly philosopher

Lectures on Jurisprudence (Works & Correspondence)

Lectures on Jurisprudence Works Correspondence

Smith s strong em Lectures on Jurisprudence em strong originally delivered at the University of Glasgow in present his theory of the rules by which civil government ought to be directed The chief purpose of government according to Smith is to preserve justice and the object of justice is security from injury The state must protect the individual s right to his person property reputation and social relations br br Building on his em Theory of Moral Sentiments em Smith argues that the state must act as an impartial spectator judging when an individual has been injured The state must then design and apply civil and criminal laws to prevent further injuries and punish transgressors Laws are also the means by which the state promotes public prosperity Thus regulations concerning trade commerce and production must be crafted so as to encourage rather than interfere with our productive capacities

Selections from the Wealth of Nations

Selections from the Wealth of Nations

This carefully annotated selection features the main analysis of the operation of an economic system the introductory chapter of the great attack on mercantilism and portions of the analysis of the functions of the state Books I IV and V Edited by George J Stigler this useful volume includes an introduction and a bibliography

Lectures on Rhetoric & Belles Lettres

Lectures on Rhetoric Belles Lettres

The Notes of Dr Smith s Rhetorick Lectures discovered in by a University of Aberdeen professor consists of lecture notes taken by two of Smith s students at the University of Glasgow in There are thirty lectures in the collection all on rhetoric and the different kinds or characteristics of style br br The book is divided into an examination of the several ways of communicating our thoughts by speech and an attention to the principles of those literary compositions which contribute to persuasion or entertainment The species of communication discussed include descriptive and narrative or historical composition poetry demonstrative oratory panegyric didactic or scientific language deliberative oratory and judicial or forensic oratory br br The subjects addressed in his teachings include the style and genius of some of the best of the ancient writers and poets especially the historians and the English classics

Essays on Philosophical Subjects (Works & Correspondence)

Essays on Philosophical Subjects Works Correspondence

Reflecting Adam Smith s wide learning and varied interests these essays shed considerable light on his place in the Scottish Enlightenment Included are histories of astronomy ancient logic and ancient physics essays on the imitative arts and the affinity between music dancing and poetry and a critical review of Samuel Johnson s famous em Dictionary em which Smith originally published in the em Edinburgh Review em

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Adam Smith s masterpiece first published in is the foundation of modern economic thought and remains the single most important account of the rise of and the principles behind modern capitalism Written in clear and incisive prose i The Wealth of Nations i articulates the concepts indispensable to an understanding of contemporary society and Robert Reich s Introduction both clarifies Smith s analyses and illuminates his overall relevance to the world in which we live As Reich writes Smith s mind ranged over issues as fresh and topical today as they were in the late eighteenth century jobs wages politics government trade education business and ethics br br br br b b Introduction by Robert Reich Commentary by R H Campbell and A S Skinner b Includes a Modern Library Reading Group Guide b The Wealth of Nationals books by Adam Smith

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