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The Geopolitics of Emotion: How Cultures of Fear, Humiliation, and Hope are Reshaping the World

The Geopolitics of Emotion: How Cultures of Fear, Humiliation, and Hope are Reshaping the World Description:

The first book to expose and investigate the far reaching emotional impact of globalization br br In his celebrated book i The Clash of Civilizations i political scientist Samuel Huntington argued that the fundamental source of conflict in the post Cold War world would not be primarily ideological or economic but cultural In i The Geopolitics of Emotion i Dominique Mo si a leading authority on international affairs demonstrates that our post world has become divided by more than cultural fault lines between nations and civilizations Mo si brilliantly chronicles how the geopolitics of today is characterized by a clash of emotions and how cultures of fear humiliation and hope are reshaping the world br br Mo si contends that both the United States and Europe have been dominated by fears of the other and of their loss of a national identity and purpose Instead of being united by their fears the twin pillars of the West are more often divided by them or rather by bitter debates over how best to confront or transcend them For Muslims and Arabs the combination of historical grievances exclusion from the economic boon of globalization and civil and religious conflicts extending from their homelands to the Muslim diaspora have created a culture of humiliation that is quickly devolving into a culture of hatred Meanwhile Asia has been able b b to concentrate on building a better future and seizing the economic initiative from the American dominated West and so creating a new culture of hope br br Do these emotions represent underlying cultural tendencies characteristic of particular regions and populations today How will these varying emotions influence the political social and cultural conflicts that roil our world How can the West transcend its fear and avoid sliding into protectionism or militarism What can the Muslim world do to overcome is legacy of humiliation Will China and India manage to maintain their status as the cultures of hope And what will the effect of the world economic crisis be By delineating the necessity of confronting emotions to understand our changing world and deciphering the driving emotions behind our cultural differences i The Geopolitics of Emotion i presents a provocative new perspective on globalization

Rating: 3.63 out of 5

La géopolitique des séries

La géopolitique des séries Description:

Les deux extr mismes que sont l organisation de l tat islamique et le r gime de T h ran se livrent un jeu de tr ne mortel disait le Premier ministre isra lien Benjamin Netanyahou dans son discours au Congr s des tats Unis le mars Il n a donc pas h sit pour convaincre son auditoire faire r f rence de mani re explicite la s rie culte de HBO i Game of Thrones i br br Au lendemain du septembre la g opolitique n a pas seulement envahi le r el elle envahit nos imaginaires Un monde nouveau appara t refl t par une nouvelle mani re de raconter des histoires la t l vision Les s ries deviennent des r f rences culturelles mais aussi politiques les sc naristes et r alisateurs de ces s ries ne se contentent pas d analyser froidement la r alit du monde Ils la sentent et la devinent par le pouvoir de leur intuition par la lucidit de leur imagination De fait ces sc naristes sont devenus les meilleurs analystes du monde contemporain et peut tre de notre futur br br Que per oivent ils de nos soci t s La peur La peur de la chute de la d mocratie avec i House of Cards i celle du terrorisme avec i Homeland i la peur d une soci t paralys e avec i Engrenages i celle d un monde qui dispara t dans i Downton Abbey i enfin la peur de la dictature et de la barbarie avec i Game of Thrones i br br Chacune de ces s ries fera l objet d un chapitre o seront cit es en cho d autres s ries au succ s comparable On d couvrira le raz de mar e qu elles provoquent travers le monde de Barack Obama suspendu chaque saison de i Game of Thrones i l acteur qui jouait Carson le butler de i Downton Abbey i assailli par des touristes asiatiques alors qu il voguait en vacances sur le M kong En conclusion Dominique Mo si invente le scenario d une s rie cherchant comprendre le monde qui vient Dans i Balance of Power i des agents am ricains et chinois sont tous la fois alli s et rivaux face au risque de l arme nucl aire nord cor enne et pakistanaise Les terroristes vous invitent au prochain pisode

Rating: 3.52 out of 5

Un Juif improbable

Un Juif improbable Description:

Comment tre fran ais quand votre p re a t trahi par un pays qu il avait totalement pous Comment tre juif quand votre tri re s est convertie au catholicisme au d but des ann es Comment croire l Europe quand la Shoah s est d roul e sur le vieux continent Et comment d passer le ressentiment quand on est venu au monde avec la trag die en h ritage N au lendemain de la Lib ration Dominique Mo si a appris compter en gravant dans sa m moire les chiffres tatou s sur l avant bras de son p re br br Celui ci avait surv cu Auschwitz et aux exp riences m dicales des nazis Il vivrait jusqu plus de quatre vingt dix ans et il transmettrait son fils un amour la fois intense et tortur de la France Ce r cit singulier et apais d une qu te identitaire dans le monde de l apr s guerre trouve un ton nouveau pour raconter un destin fortun au milieu des remous des tensions et des cruaut s de l Histoire

Rating: 3.66 out of 5

Le nouveau déséquilibre du monde (EDITIONS DE L'O)

Le nouveau déséquilibre du monde (EDITIONS DE L'O) Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.41 out of 5

Crises et guerres au XXe siècle: Analogies et différences

Crises et guerres au XXe siècle: Analogies et différences Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.27 out of 5

France in an Age of Globalization

France in an Age of Globalization Description:

This provocative book takes the form of a dialogue between French Foreign Minister Hubert V drine and international relations expert Dominique Mo si V drine expresses his frank views of the U S hyperpower France s role in the world Europe s future the current structure of the international system and the role of ethics in international affairs Probing the historic diplomatic and cultural issues that unite and divide two historical allies the book give unique insights into French thinking about the world and France and America s respective roles in it Like the French satirical television show that twits the United States for being the World Company that invades peoples lives around the globe the French foreign minister Hubert Vedrine expresses frustration and perhaps a little envy at America s dominion br br Since becoming foreign minister three years ago Mr Vedrine a lawyer and previously the senior foreign policy advisor to Francois Mitterand when he was president has made a priority of making distinctions between France and the United States That has left senior American officials muttering more than usual about the French br i New York Times i

Rating: 3.60 out of 5

Caravanserai: Traces, Places, Dialogue in the Middle East

Caravanserai: Traces, Places, Dialogue in the Middle East Description:

The caravanserai were roadside inns built to shelter men goods and animals along the Silk Road that connected China Central Asia and Europe in ancient times These staging posts formed the world s first globalized overland network and stand as a testament to a flourishing period of multicultural exchange in the Muslim world Today the ruined and restored caravanserai of Lebanon Syria and Jordan captured here by Belgian photographer Tom Schutyser serve as a platform for an era of renewed cross cultural exchange Stunning photographs of these vanishing caravan routes and their surrounding landscapes welcome readers to engage in a dialogue on healing relations between the Muslim and Western worlds in the same way the inns once welcomed travelers traders and pilgrims to share goods ideas and discoveries

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Let's Keep Turkey Out of Europe: An Intelligence Squared Debate

Let's Keep Turkey Out of Europe: An Intelligence Squared Debate Description:

Dr Michael Stuermer Foreign Policy Analyst with i Die Welt i newspaper Dr John Casey Fellow of Gonville amp Caius Cambridge and Kevin Myers a broadcaster columnist novelist and award winning correspondent for his coverage of the conflicts in Bosnia and Northern Ireland spoke for the motion br br Norman Stone Professor of International Relations at Bilkent University and Director of the Russian Turkish Centre Dominique Moisi political analyst and Deputy Director of the French Institute of International Relations IFRI and Mark Leonard Director of Foreign Policy at the Centre for European Reform and one of Britain s best known foreign policy thinkers spoke against the motion br br The debate was chaired by writer and broadcaster Francine Stock br br i Intelligence Squared i is London s leading forum for live debate holding regular debates on the crucial issues of the day and inviting the leading intellectual and political lights on the given subject to participate in them The format of the debates is modeled on the one employed at the Oxford and Cambridge university Unions a challenging sharply defined motion a team of speakers to propose the motion and a like number to oppose it and a moderator to keep the speakers and the audience in order and force everyone to stick to the issues After the main speeches and before summation contributions are asked from the floor audience participation is a key feature of the occasion providing a rare opportunity for the public to voice their opinions and to challenge those of the speakers A vote is taken before the debate begins and then again at the end so as to give a measure often a very dramatic one of the extent to which the audience has been swayed by the oratory and arguments of the speakers in the course of the evening

Rating: 3.40 out of 5

The historian between the ethnologist and the futurologist

The historian between the ethnologist and the futurologist Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.55 out of 5