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Mathias Sandorf (Extraordinary Voyages, #27) pdf books
Title:Mathias Sandorf (Extraordinary Voyages, #27)
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:474

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i To go around the world in such a short time and with the means of transport currently available was not only impossible it was madness i br br One ill fated evening at the Reform Club Phileas Fogg rashly bets his companions that he can travel around the entire globe in just eighty days and he is determined not to lose Breaking the well establised routine of his daily life the reserved Englishman immediately sets off for Dover accompanied by his hot blooded French manservant Passepartout Travelling by train steamship sailing boat sledge and even elephant they must overcome storms kidnappings natural disasters Sioux attacks and the dogged Inspector Fix of Scotland Yard who believes that Fogg has robbed the Bank of England to win the extraordinary wager i Around the World in Eighty Days i gripped audiences on its publication and remains hugely popular combining exploration adventure and a thrilling race against time br br Michael Glencross s lively translation is accompanied by an introduction by Brian Aldiss which places Jules Verne s work in its literary and historical context There is also a detailed chronology notes and further reading

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First serialized in Le Temps in Mathias Sandorf is Jules Verne s epic Mediterranean adventure It employs many of the devices that had fared well in earlier novels islands cryptograms surprise revelations of identity technically advanced hardware and a solitary figure bent on revenge Verne dedicated the novel to the memory of Alexandre Dumas pere hoping to make Mathias Sandorf the Monte Cristo of The Extraordinary Voyages Mathias Sandorf (Extraordinary Voyages, #27) books by Jules Verne

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