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The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking Woman pdf books
Title:The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking Woman
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Song of the Vikings: Snorri and the Making of Norse Myths

Song of the Vikings Snorri and the Making of Norse Myths

Much like Greek and Roman mythology Norse myths are still with us Famous storytellers from JRR Tolkien to Neil Gaiman have drawn their inspiration from the long haired mead drinking marauding and pillaging Vikings Their creator is a thirteenth century Icelandic chieftain by the name of Snorri Sturluson Like Homer Snorri was a bard writing down and embellishing the folklore and pagan legends of medieval Scandinavia Unlike Homer Snorri was a man of the world a wily political power player one of the richest men in Iceland who came close to ruling it and even closer to betraying it In Song of the Vikings award winning author Nancy Marie Brown brings Snorri Sturluson s story to life in a richly textured narrative that draws on newly available sources

Ivory Vikings: The Mystery of the Most Famous Chessmen in the World and the Woman Who Made Them

Ivory Vikings The Mystery of the Most Famous Chessmen in the World and the Woman Who Made Them

In the early s on a Hebridean beach in Scotland the sea exposed an ancient treasure cache chessmen carved from walrus ivory Norse netsuke each face individual each full of quirks the Lewis Chessmen are probably the most famous chess pieces in the world Harry played Wizard s Chess with them in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer s Stone Housed at the British Museum they are among its most visited and beloved objects Questions abounded Who carved them Where Nancy Marie Brown s Ivory Vikings explores these mysteries by connecting medieval Icelandic sagas with modern archaeology art history forensics and the history of board games In the process Ivory Vikings presents a vivid history of the years when the Vikings ruled the North Atlantic and the sea road connected countries and islands we think of as far apart and culturally distinct Norway and Scotland Ireland and Iceland and Greenland and North America The story of the Lewis chessmen explains the economic lure behind the Viking voyages to the west in the s and s And finally it brings from the shadows an extraordinarily talented woman artist of the twelfth century Margret the Adroit of Iceland

The Abacus and the Cross: The Story of the Pope Who Brought the Light of Science to the Dark Ages

The Abacus and the Cross The Story of the Pope Who Brought the Light of Science to the Dark Ages

The medieval Catholic Church widely considered a source of intolerance and inquisitorial fervor was not anti science during the Dark Ages in fact the pope in the year was the leading mathematician and astronomer of his day Called The Scientist Pope Gerbert of Aurillac rose from peasant beginnings to lead the church By turns a teacher traitor kingmaker and visionary Gerbert is the first Christian known to teach math using the nine Arabic numerals and zero In The Abacus and the Cross Nancy Marie Brown skillfully explores the new learning Gerbert brought to Europe A fascinating narrative of one remarkable math teacher The Abacus and the Cross will captivate readers of history science and religion alike

A Good Horse Has No Color: Searching Iceland for the Perfect Horse

A Good Horse Has No Color Searching Iceland for the Perfect Horse

After several visits to study Icelandic sagas Nancy Brown returns to Iceland to search for the perfect Icelandic horse one she can bring back to her Pennsylvania farm and make her own To do so she must become part of the country s tightly knit horse breeding community which can be wary of outsiders and extremely protective of the world famous breed In this clear eyed evocative account set against Iceland s austere and majestic landscape she describes what makes Icelandic horses and their owners so distinctive She also discovers her limitations as a horsewoman and learns much about what she is looking for in a horse and in her life

The Saga of Gudrid the Far-Traveler

The Saga of Gudrid the Far Traveler

i Father Gudrid said when winter is over my husband and I want to explore this Wine Land Will you lend us your ship br br The room fell dead quiet She could feel the hush br br Her father put down his knife and looked at her astonished One shipwreck is not enough i br br The quiet domestic life spinning yarn making cheese and skyr collecting herbs for tea might have been enough for other young women but it was not enough for Gudrid daughter of Thorbjorn of Laugarbrekka If Leif Eiriksson could sail west and find a rich new land why not Gudrid What else lay beyond the western edge of the world the Vikings knew br br The medieval Icelandic sagas recorded the bare bones of Gudrid s story hinting at the adventures and accomplishments that would make her a legend for a thousand years Now in THE SAGA OF GUDRID THE FAR TRAVELER Nancy Marie Brown fills in the details creating an engaging portrait of an extraordinary young woman determined to make her own way in a world dominated by men using her wits her imagination and her courage

Mendel in the Kitchen: A Scientist's View of Genetically Modified Foods

Mendel in the Kitchen A Scientist s View of Genetically Modified Foods

While European restaurants race to footnote menus reassuring concerned gourmands that no genetically modified ingredients were used in the preparation of their food starving populations around the world eagerly await the next harvest of scientifically improved crops i Mendel in the Kitchen i provides a clear and balanced picture of this tangled tricky and very timely topic Any farmer you talk to could tell you that we ve been playing with the genetic makeup of our food for millennia carefully coaxing nature to do our bidding The practice officially dates back to Gregor Mendel who was not a renowned scientist but a th century Augustinian monk Mendel spent many hours toiling in his garden testing and cultivating more than pea plants selectively determining very specific characteristics of the peas that were produced ultimately giving birth to the idea of heredity and the now very common practice of artificially modifying our food br br But as science takes the helm steering common field practices into the laboratory the world is now keenly aware of how adept we have become at tinkering with nature which in turn has produced a variety of questions Are genetically modified foods really safe Will the foods ultimately make us sick perhaps in ways we can t even imagine Isn t it genuinely dangerous to change the nature of nature itself br br Nina Fedoroff a leading geneticist and recognized expert in biotechnology answers these questions and more Addressing the fear and mistrust that is rapidly spreading Federoff and her co author science writer Nancy Brown weave a narrative rich in history technology and science to dispel myths and misunderstandings br br In the end Fedoroff arues plant biotechnology can help us to become better stewards of the earth while permitting us to feed ourselves and generations of children to come Indeed this new approach to agriculture holds the promise of being the most environmentally conservative way to increase our food supply

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Five hundred years before Columbus a Viking woman named Gudrid sailed off the edge of the known world She landed in the New World and lived there for three years giving birth to a baby before sailing home Or so the Icelandic sagas say Even after archaeologists found a Viking longhouse in Newfoundland no one believed that the details of Gudrid s story were true Then in a team of scientists discovered what may have been this pioneering woman s last house buried under a hay field in Iceland just where the sagas suggested it could be Joining scientists experimenting with cutting edge technology and the latest archaeological techniques and tracing Gudrid s steps on land and in the sagas Nancy Marie Brown reconstructs a life that spanned and expanded the bounds of the then known world She also sheds new light on the society that gave rise to a woman even more extraordinary than legend has painted her and illuminates the reasons for its collapse br br br br br br br The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking Woman books by Nancy Marie Brown

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